November Meetup 2014

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by Fyber (, 06.11.2014 at 19:30

Joins us for the next edition of the Ruby User Group!

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Better Composition with Traits

This talk will explain the concept of traits, specifically the model described in the 2006 paper Traits: A Mechanism for Fine-grained Reuse by Ducasse et al.

We will take a look at differing trait implementations in some other languages, which specific everyday design problems traits solve and how they differ from Ruby modules as a method for code reuse.

Finally we will explore how some features introduced in Ruby 2 allow us to implement Ducasse's traits in Ruby and how to compose a class without touching the class hierarchy at all.

Get Your Shoes (Back) On!

Years ago the enigmatic Rubyist _why created Shoes, a tiny GUI toolkit for writing fun, simple applications in Ruby. Shoes served as the foundation for Hackety Hack, a programming environment specially designed to be accessible to kids.

In the wake of _why's departure, many people assumed Shoes was finished as well. Such is not the case!

Shoes has continued to evolve and grow, and the latest revision (Shoes4) builds off the cross-platform strengths of JRuby and SWT. If you've ever wanted to write a desktop app as easily as you write a web page, Shoes is for you.

This will also feature a little update on where we are on the road to 4.0 release, what's happening and interesting developments (like an opal/atom backend)

A summer full of Code - The Code_Padawans journey with Rails Girls Summer of Code

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...wait, no, not so long time, only a few months ago on this small blue planet that we call our home, two young women made a lifechanging decision: they applied for Rails Girls Summer of Code to spend 3 months with coding. CodePadawans Magda and Ute will speak about the adventures that happened along their journey, about experiences, learning and discovering secret Jedi Super Powers. They will also present their project, Ataru, a command line tool for documentation testing.

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