Tobias Pfeiffer wants to give this talk

Get Your Shoes (Back) On!

Years ago the enigmatic Rubyist _why created Shoes, a tiny GUI toolkit for writing fun, simple applications in Ruby. Shoes served as the foundation for Hackety Hack, a programming environment specially designed to be accessible to kids.

In the wake of _why's departure, many people assumed Shoes was finished as well. Such is not the case!

Shoes has continued to evolve and grow, and the latest revision (Shoes4) builds off the cross-platform strengths of JRuby and SWT. If you've ever wanted to write a desktop app as easily as you write a web page, Shoes is for you.

This will also feature a little update on where we are on the road to 4.0 release, what's happening and interesting developments (like an opal/atom backend)