May Meetup 2014

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Let's meet for great talks and some drinks!

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Introduction to FreeBSD and ZFS

Since everybody seems to be using Linux these days on servers I could give a brief introduction to FreeBSD/ZFS as an alternative and how we use it in production at Wooga (which is where I work)

Full Metal Rüby

A trip through how online communities - and programming communities in particular - work. Based on my personal experiences, so certainly biased :).

Livingstyleguide for Padrino

Mr @Hagenburger created a tool called livingsytlguide which let you easily living style guides with Markdown, Sass/SCSS and Compass.

I will show you, how you can use it for padrino.

This will be a short talk between 5 ~ 10 minutes.

Function Reactive Programming in Elm [Lightning Talk]

Writing programs that live in the browser can be frustrating at times. The tools at our disposal often feel like they were thrown together in 10 days (as was literally the case with Javascript). Elm, a statically typed, purely functional language akin to Haskell that compiles to JS, CSS and HTML, aims to solve these problems by providing a declarative way of telling the browser what you want.

In this talk, we'll take a lightning tour of Elm to see what it allows us to do.

Lessons learned when launching Givie

For my day job I do a lot of backend engineering and I work in a pretty systematic way with a lot of quality assurance. Yesterday I launched a quickly hacked-together web app and I found I was doing things quite differently to how I do them at work - sometimes good, sometimes bad. I want to share some small lessons learned, and some fun tips I picked up.

Revolver: programmers are expendable [Lightning talk]

Machines are becoming more and more powerful as programmers' salaries keep rising. The tech bubble is growing. Let's face it: programmers are a scarce, expensive resource.

Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of all the programmers, and it's called Revolver.

Machines are powerful, obedient and cheap -- let's put them to work.

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