July Meetup 2014

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by Soundcloud (soundcloud.com), 03.07.2014 at 19:30

Join us for another great meetup with interesting talks - this time hosted at the brand new SoundCloud offices!

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A revolutionary idea: why not use a job queue system for your job queue?

Most people use delayed job aka a database or resque/sidekiq for queuing. But why hack your way around a database or a "smarter memcache" to do a simple queue when there are other solutions that were build for this?

Beanstalkd is one of them. It's small. It's fast. It's awesome. And I show you why.

(Please not in June, I can give this talk in July or later)

How is magic formed? A short excursion into Ruby internals

(I am currently reading Ruby under a Microscope and would love to give a talk about some of the Ruby internals. More detailed description to follow. :) )

Building Hypermedia APIs with Yaks

Forget RESTful, the future is Hypermedia.

This talk will introduce REST/hypermedia the way Fielding intended it, explain why it matters, and demonstrate how use Yaks to create an API.

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