Hello everyone,

we're back with another remote-friendly Ruby User Group! The time is 19:00 CET so that's 18:00 UTC or well 6pm UTC.

You're welcome wherever you're from as long as you adhere to our Code of Conduct - the meetup is in English.

Current schedule is two ~20min talks including Q&A, followed by splitting the audience into smaller groups for virtually hanging out (optional) :)

Joining the meetup

Zoom links will be announced here shortly before the meetup.

The meetup will be on zoom and it will be recorded

  • if you don't want your video to be visible to others, then turn it off/leave it off
  • if you can't make it/don't want to be on zoom, watch the recording!

We're aware of the privacy concerns surrounding zoom and we share them. We're looking for better tools, we haven't found them yet.

Meanwhile, if you don't want to use the desktop client the zoom browser link above should work for you. If it doesn't you can usually get to it like this: the join link should also show a tiny "join from browser" link at the bottom of the window. It doesn't appear to require an account anymore. If the link doesn't show up, open the "Download and Install Zoom" link in a separate tab, that should make the link appear. Dark UI patterns 😖

Participating in the meetup

  • We'll take Q&A questions in Zoom via the "raise hand" feature (click on participants, there's a little raise hand link)
  • There is also a #rugb-live channel in the Ruby Berlin Slack, you can join the slack here
  • the "socializing" part is optional, naturally, our aim is to not lose that part of our meetup - we'll try to use Zoom's breakout feature to split you into random groups and give you some ice breaker questions to kick it off


Your feedback is very welcome. Things will go wrong, we'll try to fix them.

See you

Looking forward to see y'all Rubyists from Berlin and maybe all over the world.

Amr, Pascal & Tobi


Learning Pattern Matching through Poker

Ruby 2.7 introduced Pattern Matching, but what can you use it for? How about we play a few hands of poker to find out.

This talk explores Pattern Matching patterns through scoring poker hands. If you've been waiting for some practical examples of Pattern Matching this is your talk.


Slides and example app: https://twitter.com/keystonelemur/status/1354880827113541634

Older non-refactored version: https://dev.to/baweaver/ruby-3-pattern-matching-applied-poker-4b9d

You can be part of the difference: dealing with bad players in communities

We all talk about how toxic people get into positions of power and the bad they do. But we rarely talk about how to deal with them.

This talk focuses on mental frameworks to deal with such situations. It also introduces the assumption that toxicity can be perceived, accidental and deliberate - all of which need different methods to approach. It also focuses on techniques that can be applied outside of the classic community leader chain.

(March 2021, maybe?)

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