June Meetup 2014

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by co.up (co-up.de), 05.06.2014 at 19:30

Let's take another look beyond Ruby at this great meetup :)

We are on the the third floor!

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Working in a different country

With .Net, Microsoft created a new development environment some time ago. For many people, this is just another development environment. But compared to others, it has some specialities which come from the role Microsoft plays as the creator and maintainer in here. There are some cases, where Microsoft did a good job to make developing software easier, but there are also things causing pain. What is so special about this, that one company controls the ecosystem? What does it mean to work with commercial developer tools?

This talk will show, what happens over there, in this other “country”. Where did Microsoft a good job and where did it fail.

Mutation testing with Mutant

Tests are a good tool to verify your code but how do you verify your tests? Mutation testing is a technique to evaluate the quality of your tests by programmatically mutating (i.e. making a series of small modifications to) your code and ensuring that the tests no longer pass. This talk will attempt to demonstrate the value of mutation testing and show you how to use Mutant to improve the quality of your tests and your code.

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