September Meetup 2019

hosteado por Tobias Pfeiffer en Blinkist (, 05.09.2019 a las 19:30

Food (pizza, vegan+veggie+meat) & drinks by Blinkist

Lightning talks welcome!

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Architecture Evolution

The story of our backend systems. In this talk I'll walk you through our architectural history and how Microservices helped us scaling Blinkist. You'll learn how we kicked-off the tech part of our company, how it transitioned over time, and what caveats we face now that it's grown-up. If you stay patient until the end, you'll get 5 (hopefully) valuable take-aways :)

Tech Debt as Mortgage

Borrowing concepts from the world of finance to tackle the problem of technical debt from a different angle.

The talk is going to contain financial terms, some history of the word and how it evolved, and some anecdotes and examples of how the concepts can help in my experience.

DnD and ruby

How can ruby and Dungeons and Dragons relate? Sit back, relax, and join me in this guild!

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