October Meetup 2015

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by Blacklane (blacklane.com), 01.10.2015 at 19:30

The leafs start falling - we are still meeting! At a new place this time around even :) To get to Blacklane, these instructions might help: The closest S bahnhof is Julius-Leber Brucke and closest U bahnhof is U7 Kliestpark. Please take the elevator or stairs to the 5th floor from Aufgang A. There will be signs to usher you, of course.

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"Slow client" and Unicorn


Slow Clients Are Problematic

Most benchmarks we've seen don't tell you this, and unicorn doesn't care about slow 
clients... but you should.

-- The Philosophy Behind unicorn


In my experience, a lot of companies use unicorn as their rails / rack app server, because it's "fast", but they have never understand the problem of "slow client", and IMO most of them should have, as Ruby and Rails are not well known for performance.

Criticizing git

git is the best version control system ever. Or is it?

git seems to be a software beyond criticism. And even if it is subjected to it, usually one UX flaws are discussed. But going beyond that: are there things in git that are holding us back?

Ruby on Rust

Ever wanted an excuse to explore Rust? Let's use Fiddle – the foreign function interface class from the Ruby standard library – to call functions from a Rust library.

We'll take a quick look at what FFI is for, the history of libffi wrapping in the Ruby stdlib, and how Fiddle compares to the FFI gem.

Then we'll see how to use Fiddle to connect Ruby with dynamic libraries written in Rust, thanks to Rust's C ABI.

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