October Meetup

hosted by Thilo Utke by adjust (www.adjust.com), 10.10.2013 at 19:30

We move this event by oen week because of the holiday "Tag der Deutschen Einheit" - so feel welcome Berlin Ruby friends at adeven! The general location is called Backfabrik at Saarbrücker Str.36. We'll be in the "Kleiner Hof" on the 4th floor.

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WebRTC Signaling powered by Ruby's EventMachine

WebRTC has the potential to change how we communicate on the internet - Using far more direct (p2p) communication. But for WebRTC, a small server component is still necessary: The signaling! It manages, who will talk with whom and how.

We've built one using EventMachine and redis! We'll open source it, show the internals and invite you to use and hack on it!

Describe Objects with Virtus

Virtus is a partial extraction of the DataMapper Property API with various modifications and improvements.

It shines through a simple external API, the great coercion, but also because of its incredibly rich inspection capabilities. I'd like to give you a short overview over how Virtus works and improves almost any project.

create custom datatypes with postgres for rails 4

I want to show how you can create custom datatypes in postgres and add automatic type casting for them with rails 4. This will be shown by extending the postgres hstore datatype for the special need of having integers as values. The talk will also cover creating functions, operators, and aggregators in postgres.
So it will be 80% postgres and 20% rails.

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