June Meetup 2015

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by Infopark (www.infopark.de), 04.06.2015 at 19:30

Join our small field trip to infopark for great talks, fun and profit!

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Daigaku - A new Gem for learning Ruby

Inspired by NodeSchool, I took the journey and bent curses to my will to form Daigaku - a text-based interface for learning Ruby (and Japanese for "university").

This talk will bring light to how easy it can be to build a basic CLI, how you can store local data without effort and how you could even design your terminal.


Efficient SQL preloading for your serializers

Note: I am only in Berlin until the end of June unfortunately.

When working on a bigger API Rails project, you might encounter situations where loading data to return from the API is not as trivial as simply loading a model with ActiveRecord and specifying a few includes. Even a simple case of efficiently loading only the first Photo for all Products, for example, is not trivial to implement with ActiveRecord. We will discuss a few tricks we can use in ActiveRecord itself for doing this kind of things, and then we will look at a gem which provides a nice DSL for specifying how to preload data in more complex cases.


Growing a LISP

In the spirit of Guy Steele's "Growing a language", let's grow a LISP.

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