December Meetup 2014

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by DaWanda (, 04.12.2014 at 19:30

Join us for the last time this year - in an old comfy cinema!

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Deployments - from 3 h to 3 minutes

a short presentation on how we rewired our infrastructure using docker, dns and bash scripts

Smalltalk, Lisp, and Shell: Three Interesting Languages

In this talk, I look at these three languages in terms of their key concepts, and show how that leads us to an understanding of the way flow control is implemented in each of them. This leads us to an interesting, but open, question.

I gave this talk at Barcelona Ruby Conference 2014.

It's technical, but requires no prior experience of the languages discussed.

Creating games using entities and components

Ruby is an object-oriented language, and that is the paradigm we mainly use to write software.

Object orientation is not always the best solution for some situations. In real-time simulations, such as real-time games, techniques such as inheritance, modules, traits, etc break down.

This talk explains the entity-component-system architecture, a common pattern in modern game architecture, which explicitly breaks away from object orientation to achieve large gains in flexibility and speed.

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