New Year Meetup

hosted by Thilo Utke by co.up (, 10.01.2013 at 19:30

Hi, we hope you recovered alright. We start of the new year with some pretty nice talks.

Fot the sake of easie organisation we meet at co.up again. (Don't worry we already organized a new host for febrary.)

See you

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JRuby is not all roses - and what we can do about it

JRuby is a great piece of software with a lot of merits. However, the ecosystem around JRuby is still problematic. This talk presents some of the biggest issues and tries to show ways to improve.

Creative Machines

Attempts to kill art through Ruby. This talk is completely pointless.

RubyMotion - Writing iOS apps with pure Ruby

I want to introduce RubyMotion -- a new framework on top of the iOS API and Objective-C runtime that allows you to write iOS apps with nothing but Ruby.

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