January Meetup 2018

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by DaWanda (de.dawanda.com), 11.01.2018 at 19:30

we're not in the cinema - 2nd backyard 4th floor follow the Dawanda signs

Start the new year right with great presentations, nice people and fun! As always, drinks will be taken care of as well and there will be food in the form of Pizza.

See you!

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Where do Rubyists go? (preview)

Ruby is the establishment now. It’s no longer the cool new hot thing. That’s a good thing. Many Rubyists branch out and take a look at other languages - be it part time or full time. What are similarities between those languages and ruby? What are differences? How does Ruby influence these languages?

This talk will look at these languages, briefly comparing their characteristics with ruby to get a better view of the programming language landscape. Maybe it will even help you find your new favorite side project language?

Clean & fast code with enumerators

Ruby’s Enumerator class is a powerful tool for writing code for dealing with streams of data and events, while being easy-to-understand and at the same time both concurrent and parallel.

This talk will go in more detail on how to do so, and also show [SlowEnumeratorTools](github.com/ddfreyne/slowenumeratortools), which provides some of the glue code that makes Enumerator nicer to use, and faster to boot.

There will be some overlap with Sergio’s “Understanding Unix pipes with Ruby” talk from the November meetup.

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