Febuary Meetup

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by BASE_camp (basecamp.udldigital.de), 07.02.2013 at 19:30

Hello an welcome to our Febuary meetup! This time we're hosted by workhub but we'll meet at BASE_camp! Come and join us for some cool talks!

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YAML is the new eval

It's been a busy month for people with Rails apps. Three zero-day exploits were identified, all related to automatic parameter parsing, the last two based on YAML's object instantiation features.

I'd like to go over what happened, and figure out what lessons to take home from this.

Style Guide Driven Development

Traditional style guides were made for the world of print. Test driven development is made for developers. Living style guides combine best practices of both worlds to Style Guide Driven Development.

Translation workflows inspired by Open Source

This will be a short talk as nobody likes product demos! :)

I'll start by going over what LocaleApp is briefly before taking a look at the current status of public, open source project management for translations.

I'll then reveal a few secrets about where the dev team is heading to significantly improve this area.

Finally, I'll postulate that we can apply these methodologies in our private/client project workflows.

Thanks for having me!

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