December Meetup 2019

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by (, 05.12.2019 at 19:30

Food & drinks by! Food will be Focaccia Sandwiches and Bagels (mostly vegetarian, vegan options included as well)

There will be signs leading you to the office, but it's on the 5th floor and an elevator will be present to your right.



The making of Replicator

At Babbel, we use AWS Lambda a lot. Lambda supports many runtime environments and one of them is Ruby. When our team was about to create the first Lambda function written in Ruby, I thought it would be awesome to structure the project that it looks and feels like a Ruby project.

A story of an internal tool -- Replicator. It involves AWS Lambda, one of the hardest things in Computer Science, and Star Trek.


Repo-Rot is Real!

I help to maintain a GitHub org of 350 engineers on 3100 repos. What can we do to maintain some sanity with this amount of people, teams, and repos?

The longer a team exists, the more software components and repos they tend to have. How do you know, which of those are actively maintained, and which ones are not (they are rotting)?

This talk explores what I call "repo rot", which effect it might have on your team/company, and what you can do about it. I will show an experiment that I ran with my teams, and what we learned from it.

Joyful debugging of Rails apps with Jupyter notebooks

Jupyter notebooks are a common tool in the Data Science/Python/R community to share knowledge and experimental/exploratory code with each other. But they are less common in the Rubyverse. Nevertheless they can be used with Ruby, too. Let's take some time and explore how they (possibly) can bring some more joy into debugging Rails apps and encourage knowledge sharing between developers and other engineering stakeholders!

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