December Meetup 2015

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by DaWanda (, 03.12.2015 at 19:30

It's time to go to West Berlin again, sit down in a neat little cinema at DaWanda again and enjoy great talks!

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What Functional Programming Taught Me About Ruby

One of the best things about learning a new programming language is how it changes the way you use the languages that you already know. For the past few years I have been using Clojure more and more and it certainly affected the way that I look at Ruby. In this talk I will run through some of the things that I’ve learned in my functional programming adventures that have affected the way that I write Ruby.

Taming memory: performance-tuning a (Crystal) application

When developing a game, you need to pay attention to performance. After all, a game needs to run fast, and have a predictable frame rate, and stuttering will throw people off.

I’ve had performance issues even in Crystal, a fast, compiled, statically-typed language with a syntax inspired by Ruby. As it turns out, the way a program handles memory can have a huge impact on performance. Luckily, Crystal gives a great deal of control over how this can be done. It’s also possible to use familiar tools with Crystal to debug issues and identify bottlenecks.

In this talk, I’ll share what I’ve learnt about memory and performance tuning, and give an introduction to several powerful tools for identifying performance issues.

Docker - why we shouldn't use it

There is a new hype in DevOp-Town. It is fancy, shiny and a new solution for all your problems! Well, at least that’s how most of the articles about docker sound like. The VC-backed startup made a dream start with their new open-source implementation of an LXC Interface. It promises fast startup times and deployments and some people already propagating the end of the era of configuration management.

This talk provides an short overview of the decades-old history of context isolation, what tools are still around and how Docker became so popular. Afterwards we will see in depth, why it’s far from production ready. There are serious doubts about this technology, including serious security issues, container propagation, maturity, configuration management and many more.

It finishes with general thoughts about provisioning vs. deployment in a broad sense. I will introduce how we want takle this problem and how I would love to handle server orchestration in the future.

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