August Meetup 2014

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by cognita (, 07.08.2014 at 19:30

It's time form our August meetup! Still in town from eurucamp? Great! Join us and meet some more Berlin Rubyists, listen to some talks and hang out!

The company is in the second backyard, but there will be many signs pointing you in the right direction :)

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Ruby on small devices

We are building a easy to use email crypto system, which will run on ARM-class hardware. (read more on

As a long time rubyist (and rug::b-ist) I would like to tell about the experiences with ruby on hardware of that class, will tell where we are using ruby and where not, and highlight the reasons for our decisions.

This talk will last for ~20 minutes. The perfect date would be the August meeting. (I can't make July.)


At a meetup in the past I talked about the open source NoSQL database ArangoDB. In the past several month Dirk and I worked on a Rails ODM for ArangoDB called Guacamole and we would love to show you what it is able to do now and what we want to do next.

Simple Systems

As developers we often start out with an idealistic view how to build this nice system to solve our business needs and end up with a very complex, coupled and hard to maintain system. In this talk I would like to elaborate on building simple vs complex systems and give some advice on how to avoid the "big ball of mud" coming to live.

The talk is designed to last about 20 minutes.

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