December Meetup 2018

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by kloeckner.i (, 06.12.2018 at 19:30

Come join us for the last RUG-B of the year! The office is on the first floor but there will be signs guiding you. In case you have trouble getting in please tweet us or send an email to our host: [email protected]

There will also be food - we'll have Pizza, vegan option included. As usual first come first served. There will also be a selection of drinks available.

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Idiosyncratic RUG::B Ruby Quiz [December 2018]

Ruby Quiz is Back

It's Christmas time again and the next version of Ruby is just around the corner! Let's dig into Ruby 2.6. Will be loads of fun!

Checkout the previous editions here.


Last year I read about RediSearch ( and decided to give it a try on a project I was working on.

I had to build my own client because the only gem that was available was created specifically to work with ActiveRecord models. Then I decided to open source the client and publish the gem.

I had in mind to give a talk introducing RediSearch and redisearch-rb, and doing a live demo, showing how to use gem, etc.

Let‘s get Lucky - Rails on Crystal

Lucky is a newish web framework from 2017. Created by people at Thoughtbot.
For a brief time during the beginning I contributed and helped shape it in a tiny way. This talk looks at Lucky‘s current state, and what you could use it for right now. Is it any good?

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