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Developer Mental Health & Mental Development

I feel like Imposter syndrome has been talked to death already, but what about burning out? (Not) finding your own path as a developer? Finding your place in a new team? Proving yourself, even you already have several years of experience? Dealing with uncertainty, the paradox of choice of too many directions in which you could further develop your skills? Should you go deeper on the stack you already have, or hedge your bets, with learning some emerging technologies? Can you ever really be full stack? Stay full stack? Should you been aspire to be, or is that something only recruiters like to dream of? What do different kinds of companies (probably) expect of you? Learning new things is a requirement for a successful developer, certainly, but what if just it gets "too much"? Is it "fine" for you to work 100% remote? Could you even go freelance? Can you already mentor junior developers, or do you need to first get your own things straightened out?