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hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by bitcrowd (, 05.09.2013 at 19:30

Join us at bitcrowd for another awesome Ruby User Group. [More detail to follow]

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I would like to give a talk about Microservices. I'm aware that everybody knows about SOA but I want to dig deeper and want to look at the pros and cons. In this talk you will not only see Ruby - brace yourself. I'm also not an expert myself I would rather explore this topic with you! What do you think?

Code is read many more times than written

"Code is read many more times than written." - this statement changed my view of Software Engineering. From that point on I made it my personal mission to write the best code I could possibly write. Come and join me as I unveil my very favorite coding wisdoms that I picked up on my journey so far. All of these helped me to write better code, be more productive and have more fun. And good code pays it's interest rate every day. So if you're a clean code junkie looking for a fix - this talk is for you.

MobileApp Development with HTML/CSS/JS using RoR, Sinatra, Phonegap, Ripple, GruntJS and Coffeescript (HAML)

I'd like to talk about my development setup for developing a non native cross platform mobile application.

The talk would basically be about how to setup a development environment that allows you to use some (all) the goodies from the RoR-World (here: coffeescript and haml) and minimize your exposure the the different OS-Emulators as much as possible, because the development will happen to 95 % within your browser.

There are resources scattered around the net which deal with this kind of setup, but I haven't come across one that integrates it all.



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