October Meetup 2014

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by edenspiekermann (www.edenspiekermann.com), 02.10.2014 at 19:30

Come and join us for another Ruby User Group Berlin, this time at Edenspiekermann! We will have talks, drinks and a good time.

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Cloud Foundry and Bosh, a Cloud Love.

There's a coffee beyond Starbucks and a PaaS beyond Heroku. AND: it's open source and mostly written in Ruby! Meet Cloud Foundry and its infrastructure orchestration companion Bosh. Learn what makes up this PaaS internally and how its being deployed in an infrastructure agnostic way. Learn about Bosh, the new chef.

How I built my own Twitch-Plays-Pokémon

According to Wikipedia, Twitch-Plays-Pokémon "is a social experiment and channel on the video streaming website Twitch, consisting of a crowdsourced attempt to play Nintendo's Pokémon video games by parsing commands sent by users through the channel's chat room.". I gave this talk at Baruco 2014, in which I explain the story of How I built my own TPP (sort of).

The talk includes technical components like "controlling a computer with JRuby" and "Writing a GameBoy emulator with Ruby".

It has some technical parts, but it's fairly motivational as well.

A primer on Content Security Policy

Content Security Policy (CSP) is as a security concept aiming to prevent XSS and other forms of browser–based attacks right where they happen — in the browser. CSP has been around for a little while but it’s only now that browser vendors are closing in on implementing most of the W3C specification.

This talk will take a look at what CSP is, why it matters and how to use it with Ruby–based web applications.

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