November Meetup

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by DaWanda (, 07.11.2013 at 19:30

DaWanda has an old cinema as part of their offices, which is where we this RUG::B will be hosted! It is accessible through the "Snuggery" (their offline shop) and the backyard. There will be way signs. Also there will be Pizza and drinks!

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Functional Programming Demystified

It's a face off between the theoretical and the practical!

We'll explore the theoretical backbone of FP and how these ideas can be practically applied in Ruby.

What's up with all this talk of functional programming language? Why do functional programmers use terms like "referential transparency" and "persistent data structures"? What do these terms even mean? Why should I care, I write Ruby?!?

If you've ever wondered why FP is the talk of the town and how the ideas of FP can make you write better Ruby code, then this talk is for you.

Browsing a codebase with ctags (Lightning Talk)

I was always asking myself how I can browse a code base of bigger written ruby library. I want to share with you what I did and what my current work flow looks like.

This will be a lightning talk - I already gave this talk at vimberlin september 2013.

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A simple yet powerful HTTP client for JRuby

Http clients... how hard can it be? Not very hard when you are running JRuby. But unfortunately I have not found a single good wrapper around one of those rock solid Java libraries. That is why I went out and wrote a simple, minimal yet powerful wrapper around Apache HTTPClient. It leverages everything that is good in Ruby, but leaves all the dirty work for the underlying library. After I put it in use for my project, I thought that other people might enjoy this too.

This talk will be about Ruby timeout issues, wrapping a Java library and an overview on the http client itself.

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