May Meetup 2017

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by Babbel (, 04.05.2017 at 19:30

Meetup and fun! Aide from the talks, there will also be drinks and food. Apparently it's sandwiches, wraps and other snacks with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options included.

See you there!

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GraphQL for Rails - How GitHub uses GraphQL internally

At GitHub Universe 2016 we've announced our public GraphQL API which is currently available via an early access beta:

The GraphQL API is not designed for public use only. We also use it internally.

Learn the basics of GraphQL and how we use it in our Rails app!

Make Public Speaking Great Again

It´s a well known fact that not everyone loves speaking in front of a crowd - no matter how big that crowd is. I believe that tech talent are the smartest people around our planet and I made it my mission to bring the communicators inside this community to life. I´d like to give a quick talk about the topic and engage in a conversation with the attendees.

JWT Multi Account Roles

My team and I are building a B2B SaaS solution based on a Rails API authenticated via JWTs. When we started, we implemented authorization via an account model. So accounts habtm users. All other models are then authorized via the account_id of each resource or its parent resources.

Then the need for user roles arose. We looked at solutions like Rolify and CanCanCan but they didn’t fit our needs (at least we think so at the moment, maybe we missed something).

Therefore, we developed a custom solution that basically has 2 classes and 3 models, only relies on a JWT (not a user to be queried) and uses a cache.

In this talk I’d like to present our solution and gather feedback for it.

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