July Special BBQ Version

organizowane przez Nico Hagenburger w bitcrowd (bitcrowd.net), 06.07.2017 o 19:30

Hey all,

as announced last time in July we will have a BBQ instead of a regular Ruby meet up. We’re happy Bitcrowd is sponsoring us:

– Meat, vegetarian, and vegan food for the BBQ – At leat a vegetarian (never used for meat) BBQ grill as well as one for meat – Drinks (about 1.50 € each)

Anything else? Let us know (Twitter, email) if you want to bring something (salad, desert, additional drinks?).

PLEASE SIGN UP. Bitcrowd will order food depending on the amount of people signing up here on this event page.

Notice for people using a wheelchair: There is a lift which requires Bitcrowd to be called. The bathrooms are rather small.

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