July Meetup

hosted by Thilo Utke by Amazon (aws.amazon.com), 04.07.2013 at 19:30

We will meet at the new Amazon Berlin location. While drinks are kindly provided by our hosts be warned that no beer is on site. Looking forward to see you.

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Why Document Databases supercharge your app development

Document databases are getting a lot of attention these days as the NoSql movement is gaining mainstream adoption. One of the fastest growing categories of NoSql databases are the document databases such as MongoDB. Learn about why Document Databases is the bees knees and how they are a perfect fit to our OO centric development efforts of today.

Presentation by Christian Kvalheim, the technical lead in EMEA for 10gen (the MongoDB company) and maintain of the node.js driver for MongoDB.

AngularJS on Rails

I'd like to propose a talk about AngularJS on Rails. The focus of the talk is installing and configuring Angular on Rails 3 and 4, from the very beginning to the deployment, gotchas and tips included.

I have developed and deployed 4 different Angular + Rails projects and would like to share my experience.

As it is a Ruby group (:D) I will try to present some basics of AngularJS but mainly focusing on the A/R integration.

Deployment and Availability Patterns

I want to talk about deployment and availability patterns, how to handle failure, how monitoring can help and what we see customers use successfully on AWS.

Writing your own zsh auto completion

I'm currently writing a book about Padrino and found it annoying to have no autocompletion for the Z shell. This short talk will briefly show you how you do your own auto completion for your beloved scripts.

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