January Meetup 2014

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by testCloud (www.testcloud.de), 09.01.2014 at 19:30

Welcome to a new year - start it right with some great talks!

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Introduction to Go for Rubyists

What is Go, what is it good for and how do i use it? This will be a practical Introduction to building Go Programs on the example of a JSON API. Of course, including continuous Integration and how to deploy to production.

Our Rails-like Javascript Framework: A Tale About Reinventing the Wheel

I want to give this talk together with Luca, the Frontend Engineering Team Lead at DaWanda.

Last year DaWanda decided to relaunch with a fully responsive, client-side heavy, brand-new application. As passionate Ruby developers, we asked ourselves how we wanted our JavaScript to look like. Ours is a happy-ending story from which we learned a lot. We'd like to share some of these takeouts.

How SMACSS saved my Code - Testdriving your frontend

How SMACSS saved my Code - Testdriving your frontend

While many applications are very well structured, this often stops at the css-class naming and structure. When you start to also test-drive the structure of your css, your application suddenly becomes much more semantic. Machines can now qualify your content - which is extremly helpfull in integration testing.

This talk picks up some ideas from the css community (like http://smacss.com/ and hagenburger.net) and shows which benefits they can have for TDD.

introduction to RVM 2 architecture (Berlin Edition) (lightning talk)

A short introduction to the architecture of RVM 2.0, based on available code. It is supposed to initiate discussion on proper design and about available codding paths for the project.

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