February Meetup 2018

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by co.up (co-up.de), 01.02.2018 at 19:30

We already see us again for great talks and fun!

Getting There - we are in the backyard, basically at the back in the middle in the third floor. There are signs. Also these instructions might help

Note - we're in a community space so there won't be food provided and drinks are 2 Euro each to support the spsace!

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Introduction to GraphQL with Ruby

Heard the term GraphQL too many times in the past months but not sure exactly what is that fuss about?! Have some clue about the concepts but never saw it in practice?

Join this presentation to get a quick summary of the motivators, basic concepts of GraphQL and see a quick demo of implementing a GraphQL schema in Ruby.

Ruby out of Rails or why do we choose Grape

I will talk about how did we choose Grape as our API framework for fast prototyping. Competitors, pros, cons and why should you check it out if you still didn't.

Kafka as message queue for your microservices / other occasions

The basic structure of this talk could be:

  • explore a bit the benefits and challenges of using a message queue as base of your microservices infrastructure (especially when transitioning from a monolith).
  • quick intro to Kafka, the basic concepts, and why it's good as a message queue
  • how to (reliably) use it as a message queue from Ruby and how to implement event processors (your job workers)

Attendees: (28)


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