November Meetup 2019

hosted by Amr Abdelwahab by Tourlane Gmbh (, 07.11.2019 at 19:30

Food (pizza, vegan+veggie+meat) & drinks by Tourlane!

Lightning talks welcome!

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Best practices when writing a Dockerfile for a Ruby application

The simplicity of the Dockerfile format is probably one of the reasons why Docker managed to become so popular in the first place. Getting something working is fairly easy. Producing a clean, small, secure image that will not leak secrets might not be as straight-forward though.

This presentation will try to share some best practices when writing a Dockerfile for a Ruby application. Most of these suggestions should be valid for any other runtime as well.

Dev and product - or on enjoying coding whilst creating value

There are many reasons why developers might be annoyed with their product managers: random deadlines, requirements that are too vague, or too specific, no time for technical debt issues, no big picture, no strategy, no plan, no skills... and the list goes on. As a product manager and user researcher, I wanted to know more and fix this. So last year, I collected insights about what makes developers unhappy about their fellow product folks. In my time as a Product Manager, I've worked with different teams, in different setups, on different projects. I'd like to share my experience with developers, and give them some tips on what they can do to improve their relationship with their PM and eventually be happier in their job.

Introduction to Terraform

Terraform is a great tool to manage your infrastructure as code. Are you ready to learn, what is it? How to use it? And what are its benefits?

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