Chirantan Rajhans (chirantan)

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  • I love to write code. My current programming interests include Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
  • I live in objects. I see them everywhere. I love it the way objects make designs and solutions simpler.
  • I dig agile. I think thats the only way software should be built to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.
  • I hate duplications. Be it code, design, data and most importantly effort.
  • I am obsessed with software craftsmanship and writing (and letting others write) only beautiful code.
  • I value creativity, geekism, smartness and humor.
  • I wish to work with a small team of smart, pragmatic people focused on solving real world problems. I have little patience for corporate politics, heavy processes and ladder climbing.

I'm known for my passion for programming, clean design and hard work.

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  • Favorites * ruby ruby-on-rails web2.0 design solution

  • Likes * ruby agile tdd oop algorithm-design

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