Florian Gilcher wants to give this talk

Full Metal Rüst

(Previously on "Full Metal...": https://www.rug-b.de/topics/full-metal-ruby-201)

Roughly 6 years ago, in May 2014, I gave a talk at this meetup called "Full Metal Rüby", sharing my retrospective experiences in community management in Ruby and previously, the German metal online scene. I postulated two things: a) that programming communities are not exceptional and b) that the Ruby community doesn't exist, but instead multiple, with distinct cultures, but shared values.

Not long after, I joined the Rust project and started working on a new programming language environment. I've seen and helped the Rust project growing from a loose cluster of 10 or so people to a project powerhouse with 300 members plus. And that's just the core project! After 6 years of time, I think it's time to reflect on the learnings of that time and conclusion about what worked - and what didn't.

Why so on a Ruby usersgroup? I'll let you know.

Probably a good Christmas talk. Christmas is metal af.