September Meetup 2015

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by co.up (, 03.09.2015 at 19:30

Welcome back at our old home base co.up! :)

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Bundler to Rubygems - Long Live the Gemfile

A little history to Bundler and Rubygems, why we have them and why/how we can get back to using Rubygems only.

The Earth in Ruby and Postgres

What's the math behind the Earth's coordinates systems? What are projections? What's the most efficient way to store, fetch and manipulate geolocation data in Ruby and Postgres?

If you'd like to incorporate geolocation into your app's models (users, places, events, etc.), this talk may be for you.

Scraping Youtube

A short story about how I tackled scraping and indexing almost all youtube channels, what challenges such a large scale scraping poses and what mistakes (not) to make.

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