September Meetup 2014

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by Fyber (, 04.09.2014 at 19:30

Come and join us for a great round of talks!

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Abstract Factories along with ActiveRecord

How to extract SQL aggregations into abstract factories keeping your model clean.

Pattern description and discussion.

I just encountered and solved an interesting problem that I'd like to discuss in a talk next meetup if someone's interested. I ended up with a beautiful solution, imho.

The problem appeared in a statistics timeline apllication and there's ruby code to show. ;) I didn't find anything comparable on the interwebs, so I'd like to present my solution and discuss it with the audience.

live demos of common security hacks

demonstration sql injection, xss, csrf, cookie stealing etc. against a deliberately insecure rails app.

I can do it in august, september or october

current code is at , suggestions for hacks to try or pull requests for your own hacks are very welcome!

Ruby: The Bad Parts

I would like to give the talk I will be giving at Baruco in September. Here is the abstract:

Ruby is an awesome language. It allows us to tell the computer what we want it to do in beautiful, poetic ways that other programming languages simply cannot. While programs in other languages like Java or C++ mostly read like microwave oven manuals, Ruby often leaps out of our text editors as if it were elegantly crafted prose. But Ruby isn't perfect. It has its bad parts. When it comes to, for example, concurrency or guaranteeing correctness, Ruby often times feels less than ideal. But who's doing it better? In this talk we'll explore some of Ruby's shortcomings by examining other languages that handle these problems extremely well. We'll then discuss how Ruby can benefit from an understanding of these shortcomings and the languages that do these things better.

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