March Meetup 2014

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by crealytics (, 06.03.2014 at 19:30

We'll be back again at crealytics for our meetup in March this year! Come and enjoy great talks, chat and enjoy some cool drinks :)

When you arrive at Oranienstraße 185 you gotta go to the third backyard. Then it's on the third floor.

There are also signs.

See you!

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Death to Cookies

In this session we will be reminded why the cookies are our death sworn nemesis and get every cookie sympathizer back in line. We will see how there is no escaping from the threat that is a free roaming cookie and explore the utopia of a cookie free society.

Ruby Storm - Distributed work on a self-scaling system using RabbitMQ

Some time ago we reduced a 27 hour process to less than 20 minutes by distributing the workload using RabbitMQ. The system has evolved into something akin to Java Storm but in Ruby. It self-scales using our own scaling logic that analyses queue sizes, deploys additional workers where needed then adds servers there aren't enough for the extra workers - and scales down too of course.

The system is agnostic of the task at hand. At the moment we use it update pricing, property and availability at Wimdu but really it could be used for any large data crunching task and writing ruby workers is very easy.

NOTE: I won't be back in Berlin until 10th Jan so will have to wait until Feb talks at earliest

It Takes a Village to Make a Programmer

I didn't make the transition from English teacher to Web Developer alone. Here are the concrete things that you, as an established person in your field can do to positively impact the professional lives of people thinking about making the jump. I give concrete examples from my own experience as a tribute to the people and organizations who helped me along the way.

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