January Meetup 2017

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by DaWanda (de.dawanda.com), 05.01.2017 at 19:30

Let's start the new year with a nice meetup, people and everything else to get a good start into 2017 :)

There will be food as in bagels and focaccia, vegetarian and vegan options included! :)

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Constraint programming in Ruby

How to solve restaurant table reservation problems fast and efficiently, or any logic based puzzle you can image. At the core of Ruby you can use call continuations, and you can build miraculous applications with these. I will tell you a story and show you the Ruby side of this along the way. Also this is a fading Ruby feature, thus grab it as long it is available ;)

A developer's nightmare: Dealing with time and dates in Ruby and Rails

Ruby on Rails is currently aware of 32 time zones. There is no global standard defined for the daylight saving time (DST). These and many other circumstances challenge global remote teams who build software systems like GitHub that are used 24 hours by people all over the world.

Hear about some issues we have to fight against at GitHub and benefit from the lessons we've learned.

Responsible gem collector

The power of Ruby comes from a huge number of available gems. “Just use gem X” is often an answer presented in blog posts or Stack Overflow topics. However, each new gem has an impact on the future maintenance cost of your application. Some gems are optimized for a short term perspective - they give you an instant burst of productivity, but you have to pay for it later on. Other gems require more initial effort on your side, but they are much more flexible when you have to introduce some non-standard changes. In this talk I will show you how to select gems for a long term perspective - as if you were to support your application for the next 5 years.

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