February Meetup 2016

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by edenspiekermann (www.edenspiekermann.com), 04.02.2016 at 19:30

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Finding the right stuff, an intro to Elasticsearch with Ruby/Rails

Searching through a dataset can provide quite interesting challenges, especially when natural languages are involved. Elasticsearch is a very powerful yet also at times quite complex solution.

In this talk I'll give an intro on using Elasticsearch from within Ruby/Rails, discussing some of the general principles, starting with a simple example and then expanding into more complex topics such as multi-language search, search on data from multiple different objects, integration testing and production use.

JRuby: Introduction and Use Cases

So what's the deal with JRuby? Why would we want Java in "our" Ruby? Does it event have anything to do with Java?

In this talk I will shed some light on how JRuby actually works and how it can be utilized in the "real" world.

Integrating Jenkins and Ruby for maximum fun

In this talk I will give a tour of plugins and techniques for integrating Ruby and Rails projects into Jenkins. As a general purpose automation server, jenkins offers a number of options for building, testing, reporting and deploying Ruby projects which may not always be obvious Ruby developers diving into Jenkins.

During this talk we'll cover:

  • Running Ruby projects in Jenkins jobs
  • Reporting on test results
  • Analysis plugins (brakeman, linting, etc)
  • Deploying Ruby projects (Heroku, AWS, CodeShip, generic bits)

The goal of this talk is not to serve as an introduction of Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery as a concept, so much as show how to get started with incorporating Jenkins for Ruby projects to meet a continuous integration or continuous delivery use-case.

slides here (pdf)

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