June Meetup 2019

hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer by car2go / Rent24 (www.car2go.com), 06.06.2019 at 19:30

We are meeting at the offices of Rent24 although the meetup is hosted mainly by car2go - I know it's confusing but watch for the appropriate signs ;)

There will also be Pizza, and of course cold drinks :)

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Hanami 2.0 - Why are we changing stuff.

Hanami (born Lotus) is a modern web framework for Ruby. And we want to keep it like that.

A bunch of lessons were learned during 1.0 times and now is the time to broadcast what is coming and, mainly, why.

The Miseducation of this Machine

While machines continue to learn with more sophisticated algorithms and larger amounts of data, humans need to understand how such learning works in order to take its results with the proper grain of salt. Let's make ML tangible and thus help you become a better machine teacher.

This is a practice talk for my presentation at Euruko '19, so... Spoilers ahead!

Escape the frontend hustle and create solid, beautiful UIs with Matestack UI.

Matestack UI is a open source Rails Engine, turning RoR into a Fullstack Web-Development Framework. With Matestack you are able to write dynamic Web-Apps in pure Ruby. Javascript/HTML/CSS is only used for adding special, custom UI-Behaviour.

Matestack is designed to write maintainable, dynamic Web-UIs on top of Rails and Vue.js with minimum effort. In order to increase development speed, Matestack's architecture moves back- and frontend development closer together. In other words: Matestack melts Rails and Vue.js down to one holistic Web App Development Framework.

We would love to get tech-heavy feedback on the approaches and techniques we're using :) Check our source code here here - and of course feel free to test it in your project!

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