Armin Pašalić stellt das Thema vor

Looking beyond software engineering assumptions

The essence of my talk revolves around shedding light on the numerous ambiguous aspects that we, as software engineers, tend to overlook or believe we understand fully. These are the things that can mislead us due to their incomplete, misunderstood, or inadequately named nature. Let me give you a taste:

  • Consider those instances where we anticipate magical solutions to intricate problems, only to be disheartened when they inevitably fall short (hint: magic solutions don’t exist).
  • Or reflect upon the actions we take merely because some revered authority figure told us it’s the “proper” way of doing things.
  • And then there are those concepts that everyone seems to know and accept without question, like the age-old notions of premature optimization being the root of all evil, or the principles of DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), or the everlasting struggle encompassed in the Speed, Quality, Cost triangle.
  • We can also delve into the realm of code reviews and explore what truly constitutes a microservice (or even a monolith, or the elusive SOA, for that matter).
  • The list goes on...

By examining these commonplace assumptions and attempting to unravel their underlying truths, my aim is to provoke introspection and challenge the status quo.