Carina C. Zona wants to give this talk

Funding open source infrastructure software security, stability, & features

Ruby empowers us to create unique and successful apps. All of us rely on the complex infrastructure that goes with it. It's easy to forget how deep that dependency is until something goes awry. Such as that time when went down for several days; all of us paid for that through lost hours, cranky customers, and lower business income. Ouch.

Billions of dollars, euros, and yen are being gambled on an unspoken bet that Ruby infrastructure is stable, secure, and moving forward. It's not sensible for that much responsibility to hinge on a few dozen volunteers' ability to indefinitely devote personal time in a labor of love. What is sensible: community funding of the communal resources that are essential for keeping our ecosystem strong.

Ruby Together is a new nonprofit NGO devoted to stable community-based funding for Ruby community open source infrastructure maintenance and development. In this talk you'll learn about Ruby Together, the community-first values that underly how it's structured, the team, our detailed roadmap, and the significant progress we've already made. You'll learn how you too can support this important mission.