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Ruby User Group Berlin

...but we had to kill Unicorns

this Topic will be presented by Grzegorz Witek

at June Meetup, hosted by Thilo Utke

How often do you have to leave your comfort zone? How often does it happen that you need to change the fundamentals of your application?

Well… it has happened to my team recently. We had to abandon our way of thinking about Ruby on Rails applications. Single-threaded servers were not a choice anymore, neither was JRuby nor Event Machine. And we had to handle up to 200k requests per minute.

This talk is a case study about how, step by step, we got to multi threaded RoR application with MRI 1.9, MySQL, DataMapper. We want to present how we came to the solution, what did we have to do to make our application thread safe, how did we manage to use threads in MRI and what we learned while working on the big feature, that made us change the fundamentals of our application.

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