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Ruby User Group Berlin

Coding is like [how do I explain this?]

this Topic will be presented by Laura Linda Laugwitz

at June Meetup 2017, hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer

Coding is hard sometimes, but explaining concepts around coding can be even harder. It's especially hard when you're trying to explain something where you can't remember what it was like not to know it.

Luckily, we know from Rails Girls Workshops, talks and online resources that the Ruby community has some great teachers and mentors. And we would like to grow more of you! Have you ever wondered how to translate a coding concept into a real life problem? Get ready for some creative examples of how to explain MVC, the difference between Ruby and Rails or what programming really entails.

I'll also give background info on how people process information in any kind of teaching/learning situation - because you'll want people to remember as much as possible. This is an interactive talk that will give you hands-on experience for the next situation in which you have to explain coding - to your non-tech friend, to a co-worker, a mentee or really just yourself.

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