Will Madden wants to give this talk

Synchronising resources between client and (Rails) server

At Geddit we have a whole lot of realtime UIs. Lots of users change our models, which changes our views, which needs to be reflected in the browsers of lots of other different users - instantly.

There are a variety of ways of communicating in real time between the server and the client. We use PubNub, but there are other services that'll do it in different ways - and Rails 4 brings server-side events and live streaming - but beyond the communication protocol how does this fit into the Rails world where the lines between M, V and C are clearly demarcated and lovingly adhered to? How do you deal with views that change between requests? Where does the logic sit to handle models' changes that will cause dependent views to change?

In this talk I'll go into how we solved this problem at Geddit and how we think this pattern can fit into Rails in general.