Lukas Rieder wants to give this talk

Shipping Ruby on public cloud infrastructure


In the past years I have been building Cloud infrastructures. A LOT of cloud infrastructures. And I would like to publish my latest findings and work stories with experiences and best practices for Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

In particular I would love to make the audience aware of the latest and greatest when it comes to Cloud infrastructure offerings. I have seen many applications that are mis-aligned or carry unnecessary code, because they miss out on what Cloud infrastructure providers have to offer.

Learn how to

  • Use containers to deploy ruby applications in a deterministic way
  • Use cloud schedulers instead of Resque or Sidekiq
  • Use Google Cloud IAP to eliminate the need for "AdminUser"
  • Safely deploy web-console in production (do not kill me for this)
  • Use cloud build systems to simply and safely ship your application
  • Why you will not need Kubernetes
  • How to build a multi-environment infrastructure from scratch
  • Stop using Service Account keys, why you only need IAM


I run, a company that specializes in Agile Development and Cloud Architecture. In the talk I will mention the use of Terraform modules that are available for free with a donation model.

Note: I can only give this talk after September 2023. I cannot attend the Sep 7 event.