gingerlime wants to give this talk

Measure *anything* in your ruby apps


I went to the latest RUG-B for the first time last week, and it was very interesting. Particularly the last talk by Jonathan Weiss (I'm wondering whether the slides are available online somewhere?)

In any case, Jonathan inspired me to give a talk about an aspect he covers, particularly monitoring for business-metrics in your app. I've been using Statsd/Graphite for a while (see here for the best explanation of it), plus at my startup, kenHub, we created an open-source dashboard frontend called Giraffe.

Whilst those tools are not written in Ruby, we're sending metrics to it from our RoR app, and measure anything this way. From server CPUs, to the number of registrations, payments and how many people are learning anatomy on our platform.

So I think it could be interesting to demonstrate how it fits together, the benefits, best-practice. How you can and should measure everything in your app. I haven't created the talk yet, but can probably draft something so you can get an idea.

Would you be interested in something like this for the next meetup??

Cheers Yoav

slides etc are now available on github - including added footnotes with some more info and answering some questions I received about the talk.