Yehya Abouelnaga wants to give this talk

A better logging experience

Logging in rails is a seamless experience. It just works! For rails developer, this is a no-brainer. It doesn't take that much time. However, if you experiment with Sinatra logging, you find the complete opposite.

  • What kind of logging you need? Apache-like Access log?

  • Do you need the convenient ""?

  • How about your ActiveRecord queries? They don't show automatically in the log (as in the case with Rails).

  • But wait, errors don't show the log. Do you need to connect these as well?

Out of experience, Sinatra logging configuration is not easy. And, it doesn't come ready out of the box. In Minodes, I developed an open-source gem Sinatra Logger ( to make Sinatra's configuration easier. I would also love to show the SemanticLogger from RocketJob (, on top of which we based our gem.

Sinatra Logger gem is a Berlin-based project that was featured in Ruby Weekly.